Sunday, March 23, 2014

El Hogar Building

I love to sketch and I am loving it more.  As I search for new subjects to draw, I am often surprised to discover something new in a place I am very familiar with, and I start to appreciate the beauty in things that may seem not worthy of one's attention or even unattractive at first glance.

For instance, I have never known that there is such a building called El Hogar, the subject of my sketch, in Binondo until now, even though I had lived in this area for 20 years.  The building is old and not well-maintained, but if one would only spend a few minutes to look into the intricate architectural detail of the structure, one would surely agree that it is actually an impressive building.

I learned about El Hogar upon visiting the website of Urban Sketchers Philippines; El Hogar was the theme of the group's sketch walk last February.

El Hogar Building, located in Juan Luna Street, facing Pasig River.

My Sketch.  Faber-Castell Black Fineliner on Moleskine Sketchbook.

I am really looking forward to the surprises awaiting me in my next sketching adventure.

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